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There is a well-established apartment house with a 10-star rating on the megaubytovanie.sk waiting for you in the downtown of Komarno.

The buildings are located in the very downtown of Komárno, just a minute’s walk from the main square (the Gen. Klapka Square). Also within walking distance are all public amenities, offices and institutions, a school and a kindergarten, a healthcare centre, a cinema, a public thermal lido, the Courtyard of Europe square, together with numerous restaurants and cafés, a public playground, a park, the Komárno Fortress, and much more.

The fully furnished apartment house with the high rating on accomodation portals is for sale for family reasons.

The real estate extends on a total of 1,186 m2 of area, of which 411 m2 is built-up area, the rest is green areas – a courtyard with a playground, a decorative garden, and pavements. The multi-purpose complex comprises of 3 separate buildings with individual register numbers. Seven completely furnished apartments with fully equipped kitchens are located in two of these buildings. The third building (on its title deed identified as a wine and beer bar) includes business premises with a shop window facing into the street. More apartments, a restaurant or a café can be built in the third building. The complex is connected to all utilities.


  • business premises - 63m2
  • apartments: 7 individual apartments with a total of 35 beds - 374 m2
  • offices, a shared dayroom and a utility room - 52 m2
  • beer bar (basement of building no. 3) - 84 m2
  • warehouses and a utility room (basement of building no. 1) - 79 m2

A total of 652 m2 of useful area + the entire basement of building no. 2 – arched-ceiling cellars in original condition (unrestored), currently not being used.



The building No.1

  • Land area - 192m2
  • Built-up area – 107m2
  • Age - more than 100 years
  • Complete reconstruction in 1994, partial reconstructions 2015-2020

Three-floor building

  • separate entrance to the building - through the land of the city, the building of the Basic Art School (contract with the city on the right of transition)
  • separate yard with covered terrace - 85m2
  • southwest orientation


  • storage space
  • laundry room
  • technical room


  • 1x two-room apartment with kitchen, bathroom and terrace
  • 1x one-room apartment with kitchen and bathroom

1st FLOOR (ATTIC) - 75m2

  • 1X two-room apartment with two bathrooms and a kitchen with a balcony

The building No.2

  • Built-up area - 200 m2 – multi-purpose complex
  • Yard – 598 m2 
  • Age of building - more than 100 years
  • Complete reconstruction in 1998, partial reconstructions 2015-2020

Three-floor building with the gallery entrances

  • separate entrance to the building - from the street
  • separate yard - 598 m2 - greenery, children's playground
  • northeast orientation
  • each apartment has a separate entrance from the yard or from the gallery (balcony)

BASEMENT - 156m2

  • spacious historical arched-ceiling cellars in original condition (unrestored), currently not being used.


  • 1x apartment with the entrance to the street (restaurant) – 57 m2
  • 1x three-room apartment - entrance from the yard – 48 m2
  • 2x office (reception) – 33 m2
  • technical background – 7 m


  • 2x two-room apartment, both with two bathrooms - entrance from the gallery - 130m2
  • technical background, laundry – 31 m2

The building No.3

  • Land area - 196 m2
  • Built-up area -  104 m2 
  • Yard – 92 m2 
  • Age of building - more than 100 years
  • Reconstruction - groundfloor in 2019, basement approx. 30 years ago

Twoo-floor building


  • beer bar with the entrance from the yard – 84 m2


  • business premises with a shop window facing into the street – 71 m2


  • total land area - 1.186m2
  • built-up area - 411 m2
  • free spaces, greenery - 775 m2


  • A total of 775 m2 of paved and unpaved areas and green areas (on title deed all identified as “Built-up areas and courtyards”).


  • public parking on the road in front of the buildings,
  • currently no vehicle access to the premises; however – merging the courtyards of buildings no. 2 and 3 and removing the fence in between them would create vehicle access to the garden and make it possible to build a parking lot in the future.


Komárno is located on the southern border of Slovakia with Hungary, at the confluence of the Váh and Danube rivers. The apartment house is situated directly in the historical centre of the town on Frantiskanov Street just a minute walk from the main square - General Klapka Square.

There is a wide range of cultural activities, many restaurants, bars and cafes, cinemas, theatres, museums, churches, offices, medical facilities and educational institutions within walking distance. The adjacent elementary art school provides a pleasant soundscape, especially in the south-facing apartments. The thermal swimming pool, sports hall, city and children's park are only a 5-minute walk away. The Courtyard of Europe is a minute's walk away. From the historically interesting Komárno Fortress, the apartments are about half a kilometer away.

You are an hour and a quarter from both Bratislava and Budapest. It takes an hour and a half to get to Vienna's Schwechat Airport. The Hungarian town of Komárom is two kilometres away and can be reached easily on foot.

It takes up to 20 minutes to walk to the train and bus station in Komárno, a taxi is there in a minute :-).



  • a run-in and operating tenement building with completely furnished apartments featuring fully equipped kitchens,

  • great future potential,

  • possibility to build more apartments, a restaurant, a private parking lot on the courtyard or separate apartments,

  • opportunity to convert into a different-purpose building – e.g. business premises, offices, healthcare centre, school, etc.,

  • high variability of premises,

  • possibility to have business and living in the same place,

  • great location – the very heart of the city centre,

  • large garden,

  • and more...

Where the buildings are located

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